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About Us

Who we are

TA Pharma Incorporation is an Emerging Pharmaceutical wholesaler and exporter situated in India. We are Emerging supplier and exporter of Pharmaceutical products that is related to a diverse range of medical treatments. We have authorised by our FDA and Drug Controller India as an enrolled Wholesaler and Exporters of Pharmaceutical Products. We deal in both pharmaceutical tablets as well as Inject-able and We are authorised channel partners of all major domestic as well as international drug manufacturers. We export a wide range of products, including prescription medicines, vaccines, Cold Chain Medicines, Branded/Generics, Orphan drugs, Unlicensed drugs and syringe to all part of countries across the globe, including areas such as Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America. Our excellence and customer satisfaction through our enduring commitment and lifelong promise of unsurpassed quality in everything that we do.

Our Business

We export our products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, MOH tenders, Government organisations, as well as many other organisations all over the world. We have large network with manufacturers, stockist, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and all other kinds of suppliers across India. We have branded quality of products and take guarantee that our products are a 100% genuine and authentic and this would be completely reliable and original with the lowest prices available.

Our Goal

Our company main goal is expanding our business to develop our global partnership development. We are not seeking only to present the various pharmaceutical range of services that satisfy the customer’s need and full fill their requirements. we also to contribute moreover general issues to addressing the world’s medical problem.

Our Objectives

We have the main objective to be part of the society to find and develop the cure for most complex diseases through the provision of low priced medicines and capability to connect with our contribution and development to access of the medical services

Our Mission

Our mission is providing the low-cost generic drugs in those countries who is not developed and suffering from poverty and in addition of the developing of orphan drugs.

Our Vision

Our vision is not to become a top most company in the world instead of this we wanted to be most valued, successful and aspiration for the world-wide originations. We believe that our company will overcome to providing the best quality, cost competitive product and deliver on time to our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Quality assurance
  • Innovation
  • Improvement & Development according to the market demand
  • Customer satisfaction